Workshops for children and young people, or holidays with Glass Planet Ideas.

Author’s Stained Glass Workshop “KuźniaSzkła” Sylvia Świtała offers a creative workshop where participants will learn the techniques of glass decoration given in a very simple and interesting way.

 application Glass – “mosaic”

The participant does one work according to your own design or use predefined design-composition. Participants will have the opportunity to create striking images of glass.

  • Scheduleread the material and technology to create applications using the material in the form of stained glass
  • pattern selection and discuss it
  • the choice of glass compositions suitable for
  • read in the method of miter cutting glass elements
  • trimming a glass suitable mold or use of glass cullet
  • gluing the finished pieces of colored glass for stained glass Technical
  • grouting work

The size of the work done or 20×20 wheel.

Workshop lasts approx. 4 hours.
Stained glass method Tiffany

The participant performs one of his own work or use the ready-made patterns-composition.

This method can be done hanging objects on the window in the form of a leaf, angels, butterfly, decorative mirrors or abstract form.


  • familiarize yourself with the Tiffany
  • selecting a project, preparing it for execution
  • choice of stained glass
  • Learning glass processing and matching elements to the previously selected pattern (the principle of glass cutting, breaking, grinding).
  • preparing the glass for further processing and the environment of each of the cut pieces of glass with a copper foil
  • tin brazing
  • preparing to present (execution hooks or pieces of wire

Workshops lasting approx. 2 hours. (Small form without cutting the glass by a child)


All volunteers will get the work done in the studio on the property.

These workshops are an interesting alternative to spend an active free time, developing manual skills and exploring new fields of art.



The possibility of organizing creative birthday themed glass with access to home.